Your employees have difficulties with the Dutch language? And they would  like to improve their Dutch? Then the knife cuts both ways and it is time for a special Dutch course for companies: ‘Dutch on the workfloor’

Dutch on the workfloor


If employees have difficulties with the Dutch language, this can have major consequences for safety, productivity, employability and the atmosphere in the workplace.

It can also lead to more absenteeism due to illness. Employers and lenders of workers have an advantage and a financial interest in investing in a Dutch language training for their employees.

Register your employees for the Course “Dutch in the workplace” at Tijd voor Taal in Utrecht and experience the difference!


We go beyond just learning the Dutch language.

We mainly focus on optimizing the combination of work, learning and life.

The point is that your employees can save themselves better in different situations, but above all that they function better in the workplace. This makes employees more widely employable.

You can indicate how you want to organize the training and how many lessons per week you want to take. You can also determine whether the lessons take place in-company or at another location.


Learning to speak and write Dutch correctly is only possible if your employees have a good grammatical basis. That is why the Courses Dutch are always divided into a grammar block and a conversation block. Each time your employees learn a grammatical item that they then immediately apply during the conversation lessons. The teacher uses concrete situations in the workplace to teach them the language.

This Course Dutch for companies is therefore focused on the practice of the workplace.

Cursussen Nederlands (NT2) voor bedrijven in Utrecht
Cursussen Nederlands (NT2) voor bedrijven in Utrecht
Cursussen Nederlands (NT2) voor bedrijven in Utrecht


Every year you can apply for a subsidy for training that improves the language skills of your employees.

This also applies to self-employed persons with whom you work, or employees with whom you have a less lasting working relationship.

It does not matter whether the employee has Dutch as a mother tongue (NT1) or whether he is a labor migrant. You can use the subsidy for one or more training courses.

Read here more about subsidy for companies.

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