About me

Martine Blankenburgh is my name and since 1990 I work as a teacher. In 2009 I obtained the Certificate Authorized Teacher of Dutch as a Second Language (NT2). That was a good choice! After 14 years I still enjoy giving private and group lessons in Dutch. Getting to know other cultures and helping people find their way in the Netherlands is the best thing there is!



As a teacher of NT2 I have worked at various language schools, in the North of Holland and at the same time in all corners of Zeeland. In 2010 I started Tijd voor Taal in Zeeland, a private school in the heart of Goes. And now, since April 1, my company has moved to Nieuwegein, in the heart of the Netherlands, and we are called “Tijd voor Taal in Utrecht”.

Tijd voor Taal in Zeeland cursussen Nederlands (NT2) Goes anderstaligen

Private lessons Dutch

The fastest and most intensive way to learn Dutch is by following private lessons Dutch.  You will get all the attention you need and your grammar weaknesses will be practiced extra. I always advise my students to take private lessons first. If you speak Dutch reasonably well, it is time to practice with other students in a group course Dutch.

Learning Dutch quickly and with pleasure

You only learn the language quickly if you do it with pleasure and you feel comfortable in the group. It is important that you are listened to and that you would like to hear what your fellow students have to say. This is only possible if the students connect in terms of interest and level. I try to take this into account as much as possible.

My groups are usually no larger than 4. If the atmosphere and environment are pleasant during the lessons, you will always look forward to the next lesson! And the better the atmosphere, the more conversation and that’s what it’s all about.


My goal is to help you get to your personal learning goal as quickly and as well as possible. You must of course also invest and spend consistently half an hour every day on your homework!

The usefulness of the  State Exam NT2

Speaking and writing Dutch well is important for integration in the Netherlands. In addition, employers would appreciate it if you master Dutch. This gives you much more opportunities on the Dutch labor market.

That is why I always point out to my students that a State Exam NT2 course is a very smart choice! You will then have plenty of opportunities to further develop yourself through training, a profession that suits you, or a better position within the company.

And … it only costs you a fraction of your life!

Learn Dutch well and register!

You are most welcome!