Tijd voor taal in Utrecht

Language school, specialized in Courses Dutch as a second Language for private individuals, expats and companies in the region Utrecht.

Learning Dutch in an instant? Anyone can do it!

We are happy to put together a Course Dutch (NT2) in which you learn the language at your level and in a way that suits you. 

We are specialized in exam training Dutch  for the State Exam (NT2).

Taalschool Nederlands in Utrecht



Through years of experience in teaching non-native speakers, our teaching methods are precisely tailored to the different learning levels. 

You will receive a tailor-made lesson package special for you!

We demonstrate our quality by being able to fulfill your learning wishes quickly, well and in a pleasant way.


In our Courses Dutch as a second language (NT2), there are usually 4 students in a group. So you get enough personal attention and time to ask questions.

Small groups ensure that a conversation can easily be initiated, in which everyone can speak. The best way to learn Dutch quickly!


Learning Dutch can be done anywhere, but an informal and calm environment is very important to accelerate that learning process.        

We can offer you a pleasant personal classroom providing a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn Dutch fast and with pleasure.

Tijd voor Taal in Utrecht is een CRKBO geregistreerde Instelling




The teaching material of our Courses Dutch as a second language (NT2] has been compiled with care.

From level A1 to level B2, there is a tailor-made lesson package for everyone. We pay attention to speaking, writing, reading and listening. And also to expanding vocabulary and pronunciation.

The curriculum for the language courses and exam training Staatsexamens NT2 consists of specific teaching material consisting of authentic mock exams. Customized education!


Do you want to learn to speak, write, read and listen flawlessly? That is only possible if you have a good grammatical basis.

In our Courses Dutch as a second language, the lessons are therefore divided into a grammar block and a conversation block.

Every time you learn a grammatical item. Then you immediately apply it during the conversation.

Learning correct Dutch is mainly a matter of repeating, repeating, repeating!


During the lessons there is a lot of room for conversation.

You always practice with the correct sentence order and correct pronunciation.

In addition to applying the learned grammar, it is important to expand your vocabulary. You learn new words every time that you practice during the conversation.

A specialized teacher will correct you in a pleasant way, without compromising conversation and spontaneity. The result is surprising!

Tijd voor Taal in Utrecht is een CRKBO geregistreerde Instelling